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Residential Services

Custom Homes

Planning a new custom home can be a frustrating and often overwhelming endeavor. In today’s economy it is more important than ever to find a custom builder that delivers exceptional value and understands the construction process: making your new custom house on-time, on-budget and at a price you can afford.

Here at Elliott Construction Company let us take that burden from you. We can build your new home from start to finish. Our goal and mission is to create homes that are unique and innovative, to fit your needs, while making the home with exceptional quality and value. We attain this by being completely upfront and honest with our owners so that there are no surprises during construction, especially when it comes to money.

Home Remodeling

Would you like to increase the resale value of your home, or just increase your living space? Are you ready for a change? For many people this is a scary decision to make and can often be very complicated and confusing once you have made the decision to add on or remodel your home.

We value meeing with you to plan your new additions or remodel to your satisfaction. We want you to be a participant in the new designs for your home and be in the construction planning process and much as you choose to be; which helps keep the project going in the best direction. We want you to ultimately decide and approve on every aspect of the addition or remodel of your home, while making suggestions that will keep you on your budget and still get the most for your money.

Every home we build should be beautiful, lasting, with up to date design both inside and out. This means that what is inside the walls is as important as what is on the walls. We focus on energy efficient methods of insulating, roofing materials and what type and where the windows should be placed to best optimize comfort and energy efficiency in your new home.

We do our best to take the uncertainty out of custom home building your future home. With state of the art architectural design tools we help you see what your home can be before we ever start. We build every home with the highest quality standards performed by highly trained local builders. They will provide a firm price quote and planned move-in date, before you ever sign a contract.

Our goal is while in the process of building your dream home we want to ease your anxiety while exceeding your expectations,in quality and completion time, making your whole experience with Bailey Elliot Custom Homes an agreeable and uncomplicated one.

We want to work with you to ensure that your new custom home represents your tastes and interests, and lifestyle, not just the buildler’s. Our mission is satisfying your wishes during the construction process of your new home and also once you have moved in.

Our commitment to you, our valued customer, is to ensure using the highest quality professional materials, building you the best quality custom-designed home with attention to the details that you desire, at our lowest possible price resulting in complete customer satisfaction.

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